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3-LED CLIP-ON BICYCLE FLASHER:FL-60248 Details & Features

ToolUSA ,
FL-60248 : 3-led Clip-on Yellow Flasher : : ()
Attaches Easily , This 3 Led Tail Light Offers 3 Functions: Steady, Flashing, And Superlight. It Comes In A Bright Yellow Plastic Lens - Please Note That Although The Case Is Yellow, The Leds Are Highly Visible Red For Maximum Safety And Visibility. Comes With A Clip-mount. Dimension Is About 2 1/2" X 2".


Here are some of the great features of 3-LED CLIP-ON BICYCLE

  • Red Lights Inside Yellow Body Are Highly Visible
  • Choice Of Light Functions To Meet Your Needs
  • Great Safety Item In A Small Package

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