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Kahler 7416k, Factory made in Southern California, the 7416 Hybrid will retrofit any flat bass body. The 7416 is the only 6 string "cam operated" bass tremolo in the world! This was like the one that ripped through the 80's like a wildfire but in six-wire form. Take dive bombing to a new level and choose Kahler for new sub sonic lows as you drive the song home. All 7416 Hybrids come with everything you need to install them including an arm, mounting screws and Allen wrench set. Routing is required.

  • Left or Right handed (email us if you want a left handed arm)
  • Full floating for ultimate pull back and carpet bombing!
  • Universal fit (flat body tops only)
  • Adjustable string spacing with 6 way adjustable saddles
  • 5 year extended warranty
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